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Magento Labs (beta)

A collection of tools to help manage multiple Magento installations.

Magerun interface

Elgento's Peter Jaap has written an excellent plugin for Magerun:

Magerun sys:modules:list-updates

Magerun sys:info:patches

API / JSON interface

But you can also integrate this into your own tools.

Find outdated modules

Example usage:

$ n98-magerun sys:modules:list --format=json | \
    curl -d @- -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \

Name                             Current      Latest
Aoe_Scheduler                    0.4.3        1.3.1
Aoe_TemplateHints                0.3.0        0.4.3
Hans2103_HideCompare             1.0          1.0.2
Lesti_Fpc                        1.2.0        1.4.4
Magestore_Magenotification       0.1.3        0.1.4
Mirasvit_SearchLandingPage       1.0.0        1.0.1
Mollie_Mpm                       4.1.5        4.1.9
TIG_PostNL                       1.3.1        1.7.2
Yireo_DeleteAnyOrder             0.11.2       0.12.3

See if newer versions exist for your currently installed Magento 1 modules (local & community). I hear you say, Magento Connect already does this? Not quite, as Magento Connect only contains a subset of all Magento modules (Firegento anyone?).

The dataset is crowdsourced: it will report the latest version of any module as seen in the wild. This does not necessarily mean a newer version is publicly available, just that it exists.

As of Feb 2016, it contains version information from a few hundred installations.

You can also use the /modules/magerun.json endpoint.

Determine required patches

Magento's Piotr Kaminski maintains an excellent spreadsheet (originally by John Knowles) which links Magento versions with required patches.

Use this API to query it:

$ curl https://tools.hypernode.com/patches/community/
{"required": [

$ curl https://tools.hypernode.com/patches/enterprise/
{"required": [
        "Zend Security Upgrade"


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